Straddling the border between Transylvania and Jackson counties in Western North Carolina, the city of Sapphire sits at the heart of the “Land of Waterfalls.” It’s also home to an array of award-winning golf courses, top-of-the-line restaurants staffed with renowned chefs and some of the best trout fishing waters on the eastern seaboard. Like its name, Sapphire is truly a Western North Carolina gem.

Traveling Highway 64 West from Brevard, NC, just after Lake Toxaway, the city of Sapphire is known for its magnificent water falls and pristine mountain views and has long been a prime destination for travelers looking to take advantage of all the area has to offer.

In the spring and summer, Golfers from all over the country come to prove their skill on the multitude of putting greens while hikers and mountain bikers test their treads on the numerous trails that wind throughout the area. Its roads, too, draw a different kind of biker, as motorcycle enthusiasts and pleasure cruisers alike take in the scenery while navigating the mountain top. Fall finds Sapphire dressed in the most brilliant colors imaginable, decorating every turn with a natural feast for the eyes and winter brings with it the opportunity to improve your slalom or snowboarding skills at some of the area’s ski slopes.

If you’re looking to slow it down, Sapphire offers just as many opportunities to relax by a lake or enjoy the view from any number of scenic vantage points along the way.

Sapphire is also where a number of year-round residents call home. Its residential communities are quiet enclaves of families and empty-nesters who enjoy the more relaxed pace of life. Their proximity to Cashiers and Brevard ensures ready access to the amenities afforded to larger cities. These quiet neighborhoods are a prime example of the best that mountain living has to offer.